Monday, September 13, 2004

Hi, I'm Ralph...

In a fit of boredom, you may want to type "Hi I'm X" into google, with the quotes, using your name as X, and see what comes out. Here's a selection of the other Ralphs in cyberspace, introducing themselves:

Different :
Hi, I'm "Ralph".. I'm a satin, red, pied longhair. I'm a real sweetie &. I'm pretty mellow & laid back, but I still like to run in my exercise wheel, at night. [link]

Deluded :
Hi! I'm Ralph the Elf. I'm pretty low on the tree at Santa's Workshop so this Christmas I was sent down south to Silicon Valley to do lobby duty at one of those indistinguishable hi-tech firms. [link]

Factual :
Ralph Cuseglio: Hi, I’m Ralph. I am 27, and I sing. [link]

Forceful :
Hi, I'm Ralph Tiff, your host and guide to the stars. You've wandered into my little corner of cyberspace and I'll be damned if I'm gonna let you leave without being entertained. [link]

Excited :
Hi! I'm Ralph and this is my first ever web page! [link]

Cryptic :
"Hi, I'm Ralph, NH6PY." [link]

Welcoming :
Hi! I'm Ralph Budelman. We invite future and existing customers to travel to Bangalore, India and visit us. [link]

Mundane :
Hi! I'm Ralph from Orlando Florida. I'm a long time enthusist of tradtional music including the music of the British Isles, the Canadian maritime Islands, Brittany. Heck, there's really not much tradional music of European origin that I don't like. [link]

Confused :
"Hi, I'm Ralph. Which ship are we on?" [link]

Religious :
Picture yourself walking up to Jesus, shaking his hand, and saying, "Hi, I’m Ralph. What’s your name?" [link]

Cracked :
Hi I'm Ralph, what I do is I say that person's name three times not out loud, in my head. Ralph, Ralph, Ralph and it is in there and it makes all the difference in the world when I part from that person and I can say Hey - take care RRRRRRRalph. [link]

Undead? :
"Hi, I'm Ralph. What's your name? Nobody here tells me anything."
Jim gaped, working his mouth, but no sound came out. Liv was more vocal - she opened her mouth and screamed at the newcomer. [link]

Suffering from Sunstroke :
Hi, I'm Ralph, AKA the Swollen Head, (I maintain that Baldness is a sign of intelligence, and I am the smartest man alive.)Bla Bla Bla, that's what I do, and crack the wip on these two... bla bla bla and ho hum de de, when I go out I have to pee. bla bla bla and bloobidy do, if I eat a donut I have to poo. [link]

Wouldn't we all? :
Hi, I'm Ralph. I come from Poland, there this hobby (TTTT) is unpopular, and I would like to change..[link]