Sunday, September 24, 2006

Moving: The movers are called

Moving home is supposed to be a stressful business.

It is.

Last night I spent half an hour calling a dozen moving companies in
the local area and arranging visits for 'free quotes' – this despite
the fact that I know in exact cubic feet how much stuff we have (after
having it shipped from Canada to begin with), I get the impression
that the movers don't believe me.

'Oh, right, most people don't know that,' they say, and then add,
'I'll have to visit, just to check you understand?'

So the over-the-phone quotes so far are between £750 - £1,500...

So I'm looking forward to two days of continual muddy shoes wandering
though the flat, with burly men sucking in air between their teeth
when looking at the wardrobe, etc.

Update will follow.